2004 Toyota Prius FAQ - Electrical

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What about jump-starting a Prius or other cars?

What about jump-starting a Prius or other cars?

If the Prius’ auxiliary battery is discharged,jump-starting can start the hybrid system. Use the jump-starting terminal under the black plastic cover on the driver’s side in the engine compartment. For details, see "JUMP STARTING PROCEDURE" on page 239 of the owner’s manual. 

If you want to jump start another car with your Prius, you can connect the cables between the cars as described on page 239 of the owner’s manual, start the Prius, allow the other car to charge from the Prius running for about 5 minutes, disconnect all jumper cables, then try starting the other car on their own battery. If it starts, good, if not, they're SOL and will need a car with an alternator to provide the extra juice. 

The problem is the Prius’ 12V system is only good for about 100A (which is significantly less than most cars’ 12V starter motors consume). So if you were to try to start the other car while the jumper cables were still connected to the running Prius, you'd most likely pop the master fuse between the 12V battery and the inverter in the Prius.

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