2004 Prius Cargo Net Install

The install of the cargo net in an '04 Prius is extremely simple, as long as you have a drill and a19/64" drillbit. The pictures below are total overkill, but it's the first mod to the car that required a power tool ;-)

Click on the pics if you want to see the fullsize versions.

    There's not much to the cargo net kit. It's a tiny bag, as you can see.

    Once you open the bag and unroll the net, here's basically what you have - the net, 2 Snap-in D-rings, and the instructions.

    A closeup of the Snap-in D-rings, uninstalled on the left, installed on the right. You simply push the D-ring into a hole, and press in the center until it snaps into place, expanding the shank, locking it in place.

    Click on this pic to get the fullsize drilling template. Print it at 300dpi, and make sure the ruler is to scale, and it should fit fine.

    Driver's side trunk area, just under the cargo cover retaining track - this is where the pins are installed. As you can see, the area under the retaining track is similar to the templates.

    Driver's template in place.

    Passenger's template in place.

    I simply used the tip of a knife blade on a Leatherman, pushed it through the center punch crosshairs, and spun it gently to create the pilot point shown here.

    Passenger pilot point.

    The directions tell you to install a drillstop on your drillbit to so that the exposed tip is 5mm. Whatever. I simply used a cordless drill on low speed with a low battery, and let the drillbit pull it's way through the panels. I didn't press the drill at all except a light press to get the drill biting into the plastic. It took all of 3 seconds per hole, and produced 2 tightly curled shavings per side (so much for laying down a tarp as noted in the instructions). Make sure to use an 8mm or 19/64" drillbit - do not go larger or smaller, the hole is sized to the D-rings exactly.

    Get the D-rings into the holes and flush with the panel - I placed my fingertips between the D-ring base and D-ring pushpin, and pushed the D-ring against the panel. You don't have to push that hard, but make sure it is flush.

    Here it is flush with the panel. Now simply make sure the D-ring is horizontal, then push in the pushpin center until it snaps down.

    Installed and ready for the net.

    The net installed in place - note that the Toyota tag is to face the back of the car. It doesn't say why, but I'm assuming it is a handle to make it easy to pull the net open and fill it.

    Here you can see the bottom D-rings the net uses. They are also used to hold down a flat tire with the tire straps you should have gotten with your new '04.

    NOTE: when the cargo net is clipped to these D-rings, the clips keep you from lifting the trunk floor up. You need to remove the clips from these D-rings in order to open the trunk floor.

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Last modified: Dec 24, 2003
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