My 2004 Prius

Not much done to it yet, just a window tint and removal of the funky stock "mpg rings" (hubcaps).

To be added soon:

Click on the pics if you want to see the fullsize versions.

Before you tint you windows this dark, I highly suggest you visit this site to check your state laws on window tint, as they vary widely.

    3/4 view, in the shade, makes the windshield look pretty dark, but I only had the top 6" tinted. The rest of the darkness is from lack of light passing through the windows from behind.

    Side view. OK, the windows are dark, but they're legal. They're just at the legal limit for Florida.

    Rear view. Dark, innit? ;-) I didn't have them tint the lower hatch glass at first, but after driving it for about 5 minutes, I realized how light the stock tint was on that pane compared to the rest, so I went back and had them tint it.

    Other side. So you can see through them ;-)

    Closer view of the windshield strip.

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Last modified: Dec 24, 2003
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